3/24 1pm

This trying to be here when the MD comes, is getting to be too funny. I think the pay booth guy must be alerting them when I swing in or out in Jim’s big ol’ truck. LOL.

They are working on his discharge now, but there is a hang up with his 23 more days of antibiotics twice a day. We need to have that all in place before we can leave. He also has very low potassium levels so they are going to run 4 more bags of that (1 hour each) before we can leave. The interesting part is the coverage. It looks like I will be running all the antibiotics myself (they will ship us a week at a time…think about my frig space, Linda. LOL) and it is going to cost us about $100/day out of pocket. What’s wrong with this picture? Shouldn’t they be paying me? Just kidding. I am probably going to be driving to the store every day for some of the groceries because I can’t keep too much in the frig.

This clearly changes how long we will be down here, pushing it a little further out. We would covet your prayers that this will indeed finish this problem up. If it works, we don’t care how long it takes, but we are having grandkid withdrawals…for all of them. We need pictures. I will post more when we come “home”…might be today, might be tomorrow. Love, c

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