Wednesday 4.24.13

The weather reporters crack us up.  Lots of dire warnings about a storm coming in and we are expected to get 0.01 inch of rain.  Wow, drag out the galoshes.  It is overcast today and a tiny bit misty.  We decided to go for a road trip and explore the coast south of us.  We drove down a little bit south to Torrey Pines State Reserve lots of people running/walking on the beach.


Then we headed down to Scripps and swung in to visit Dr. Worsey just to thank him face  to face for all he accomplished for Jim 2 years ago. He even remembered us and quite a bit about us.

Then back to exploring. Lunch today was hot clam chowder then we tucked in and watched a movie while the “storm” blew over.

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Tuesday 4.23.13

The kids are in school so today we are playing with Tim and Tosha.  We started by going to the San Diego Botanicle Gardens. Absolutely beautiful and an an honestly say I have never seen so many different cacti.  They had some from Australia, Africa, literally all over.

Next was lunch at Roberto’s then back to the trailer just to hang for a while until they needed to get back for the kids and some errands.

Another coat on our craft. And then some relaxing time.

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Today was laundry day.  You know you have been here a while when you walk in the door and the laundry person calls out, “Well, here they are, want a jelly bean?”  She is pretty funny and very friendly.

We have taken on a craft project so Jim and I ventured out and ran to a Home Depot for some materials. Then back to the trailer to work on our venture.  It is actually for Mother’s Day so we can’t say any more.  We avoided Tim’s house because the kids are in the middle of STAR testing which is similar to our WASL.

It was a kick back day, actually got to talk to our neighbors.  The evenings are warm and beautiful so we walk over to and around a little golf  course next to us.

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Sunday 4/21/13

Up early with the kids, breakfast at McDonald’s then off to Tim to join them for church.  They attend The Church at Rancho Bernardo.   It was an amazing service and we absolutely loved it.  The church actually shows media all over the back wall just like we did for Easter.  It tied everything in with the message which was very powerful and on I Corinthians 13.

For the afternoon we stayed at Tim and Tosha’s house with the kids while the parents shopped for their groceries for the week.

Tim and Tosha have their whole back wall in blooming Bougainvillea (sp?) and it is very cool.  The hummingbirds love it.

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Saturday 4.20.13

Up early this am…soccer game at 9 am.  Tim does an excellent job of coaching.  It was really hot, though, the later games must have been a killer for participants and viewers alike.

Afterwords, we tried to catch the Coaster to Old Town and discovered it was shut down for 2 days so Tim drove us down.  Fresh taffy, old wagons, some instrumentalists, mining for gems, snack in a restaurant …it is a fun place to explore.

Each kid ended up with a little bag 3/4 full of gems.

Back to the trailer for some crafts and dinner then the kids kicked Tim and Tosha out and we watched Ice Age Continental Drift and all 3 had a sleep over with us.

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Friday 4.19.13

Wow, 85 degrees in Del Mar.  This is way beyond cool.  We have a really nice slightly cool breeze off the ocean so it is totally tolerable.  Today was a run to Walmart for some trailer items (11 miles, 2 freeways), and of course you always find more than you came for, then back to the trailer to pack things up to head to Tim’s.   To Tim’s for dinner and a movie, Here Comes the Boom, pretty funny, and yet heart warming movie. Not for little kids, though.

Very, very warm and beautiful sunshine.

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Thursday 4.18.13

We stayed near our trailer today.  Giving Tim, Tosha and the kids a little break from us.  When we first arrived there was a sense of urgency, be at every event, see the kids every day, because usually we are only here a week.  It is very cool that we have over a week yet to go.  It was 78 degrees today.  We read a little, went for a walk and visited our local Albertson’s.  A day to rest up…and Jim also polished his truck…again.  We also have had an opportunity to visit with the people on each side of us.  Up til now, we have been gone most of the time.

I had Jim take a picture of Tim and Tosha’s lemon tree…Peter, Paul and Mary sang a song in 1962 and these are the words to the chorus:  “Lemon tree very pretty, and the lemon flower is sweet, but the fruit of the poor lemon is impossible to eat.”

Unfortunately, Tim and Tosha’s tree doesn’t know that song.  LOL  It has almost as many lemons as it does leaves  :-)

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Wednesday 4.17.13

We ran errands with Tim this morning and the best part was a phone call from Hunter who is thinking about flying down and spending a week with us. Chase was really excited, he is the only kid that knows so far.

The kids had Awanas tonight and T, T, J and I went to BJ’s for dinner.  It was excellent.  But the dessert?!?!?!  Holy cow.  White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Pazookies.  It is a big cookie, not quite fully cooked, steaming hot, with two scoops of Rich Vanilla Ice Cream on top.  We shared one.  Oh, my goodness, need the pans to make them.

Then, back to the trailer to catch the end of Survivor.

I have had a continual sense of God moving in this trip, protecting us, smoothing the way, and blessing us over and over again.  I wake up every morning and am very grateful for the new trailer, and for the amazing beauty around us.  I remember going home the first of May 2 years ago and feeling that we had already had summer and was expecting fall…now once again, I am sure.

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Tuesday 4.16.13

Today Jim cleaned the truck, I cleaned the trailer. I could begin to like the little bit of cleaning it takes compared to home!!! We watched an old Bert Reynolds movie then back to Tim’s when the kids got out of school. We brought dinner to them, unfortunately a quick stop and a hitch under the back seat of the truck flew out and busted the 9×13 dish with the chocolate cake in it…broke it right in half. Tosha came to the rescue and made us fresh strawberry shortcake. It was great. We are loving our new wingman antenna that brings all the digital channels through the air and pictures are perfect.

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Monday 4.15.13

Today was still on the cool side. Spent the morning doing laundry one freeway exit away, shopping and then to Tim’s. We got to watch Chase in his private karate lesson. He couldn’t wipe the smile off his face. He really is doing great. Then, back to the trailer, after a great dinner by Tim…gnocchi.mmmmmmmm good. DWTS and to bed early.

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